First International Rosé Day launched

Wednesday April 11 2018 by Vitisphere

The new Rosé day logo.The new Rosé day logo. - Photo credit : DR

Valérie Rousselle, owner of Châteaux Roubine and Sainte-Béatrice (Lorgues, Var), has launched ‘International Rosé Day’ with the maiden event due to be held on Friday 22 June 2018, the day after France’s national music festival. “I realized that there were lots of events everywhere focusing on rosé and there was a need to gather and rally people around rosés and the values they convey. That’s where the idea of organising a global day came from, giving people the opportunity to engage with one another" she said.

The date chosen for the new event, “which is not reserved for the wines of Provence but open to all rosé wines around the world”, is the fourth Friday in June, the aim being to replicate the event every year on this date.


Official kick-off in Saint-Tropez

The same evening, several events will be organized in Saint-Tropez, Bandol and Monaco, but also in Paris and various cities around the world. “I am simply giving people the idea: there is no set formula, everyone organises what they want”, added Rousselle. The official kick-off is set for 7pm in Saint-Tropez with attendance by the mayor and a live screen link-up to share the event, including social media relays.

To get the event off the ground, the Organisation Internationale du Rosé (OIR) association was established a year ago and is chaired by Valérie Rousselle.

A website and Facebook page have also been set up.




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