Rain, en primeur and an abdication

Tuesday April 10 2018 by Marion Sepeau Ivaldi

Guillaume Deglise has announced his departure as Vinexpo managing director.Guillaume Deglise has announced his departure as Vinexpo managing director. - Photo credit : Vinexpo

Budburst is a lovely season, especially when it doesn't occur too early. Buds are blossoming across the Mediterranean regions due to relatively mild weather, although abundant rainfall over the whole of France will undoubtedly cause issues with disease if it continues.

Rain will also be part of the En Primeur tastings in Bordeaux which take place this week. The 2017 vintage, judged irregular because of the frost, has a few gems in store that should get heads turning amongst discerning tasters. Some great terroirs were indeed spared the ravages of the cold. As is customary, the issue of price remains a moot point. How will the quality of the 2017s be judged in relation to the small quantities available? The question will provide food for thought and discussion in Bordeaux, which should also take an interest in the departure of Guillaume Deglise as managing director of Vinexpo. The announcement of his ‘abdication’ has certainly dropped a bombshell in the world of B to B events.




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