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Tuesday April 03 2018 by Vitisphere

For the moment, the platform is only accessible to Business France customers.For the moment, the platform is only accessible to Business France customers. - Photo credit : Business France

Business France took advantage of Prowein to launch its ‘The French W&S Business Network’ platform. The new marketplace gives winegrowers who participate in the collective activities of Business France (Tastin'France, Pavillon France) access to international buyers free of charge.

To date, 250 suppliers and 3,000 European buyers have registered," explains Santiago Diaz Herrenschmidt, head of the wine and spirits export department. “By the end of 2018 we are aiming to sign up 4,000 buyers in 30 markets, mainly through the Tastin'France events that we are organising in North and South America”.


A subscription for all winegrowers


By the end of 2019, Business France intends to open up the platform to all winegrowers, not just its customers. “We're working on a subscription offer”, added Herrenschmidt.

On the website, winegrowers provide information about their products and can adjust prices depending on buyers, “if they do not want to sell to a European wholesaler and to an American supermarket buyer, for instance, at the same price”, said the department manager. However, they do not have access to the list of buyers, rather, the buyers contact the estates if they are interested in samples or if they want more information. They can carry out research by using filters on appellations, types of wines... and on the events wine growers take part in to be able to meet them in person.

The platform is accessible in every language of countries where Business France conducts promotional activities.



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