“Bon”, the new wine from disease-resistant grape varieties

Wednesday February 28 2018 by Vitisphere

The' Bon' brand by Château Grinou is made from disease-resistant grape varieties.The' Bon' brand by Château Grinou is made from disease-resistant grape varieties.

Chateau Grinou's “Bon” brand made a real splash at the Millésime Bio organic wine show from January 29 to 31. “The wines were very well received. Our customers were amazed by the results in terms of aromatics. We explained that organic treatments are complicated to manage. Hence the choice of varieties resistant to downy mildew and powdery mildew”, explained Gabriel Cuisset who runs family-owned Château Grinou, a 40-hectare property, 30 of which are certified organic, in Monestier in the Dordogne.


In 2014, he planted Muscaris and Cal 604 on 1.5 ha which produced their first crop this year. With the Muscaris he produced a sparkling wine and with the Cal 604, a dry white. Since the grape varieties are unknown to consumers, the property chose to send out a simple, clear message through the brand's name and graphic design in the shape of a raised thumb. “Our wines are good to the taste but also good for the environment and the health of winegrowers”, said Cuisset.


6,500 bottles released

2,000 bottles of Muscaris and 4,500 bottles of Cal 604 will be sold in Horeca channels and to private customers, at a retail price of €8.90 for the dry white wine and €9.90 for the sparkling. This is higher than for the chateau’s entry-level Bergerac - the red tradition label - which sells for €6.50/bottle.



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