Organic pioneer Terroirs Vivants celebrates its 35th anniversary

Monday February 19 2018 by Vitisphere

Jacques Frelin, delighted to celebrate 35 years of business in organic winesJacques Frelin, delighted to celebrate 35 years of business in organic wines - Photo credit : Michèle Trévoux

While Millésime Bio was celebrating its 25th anniversary this year, Jacques Frelin, founder and CEO of Terroirs Vivants, celebrated the 35th anniversary of his negociant business dedicated exclusively to organic wines. Taking advantage of his customers' visit to the show, he invited them, his team and his suppliers to a party in the elegant setting of the Fabre Museum in Montpellier.

When I started up in 1983, nobody thought there was any future in organic wine. They viewed me as a Utopian, a maverick, a wacko even. It was not fashionable to show respect for the environment", he recalled with a half-smile. There have been plenty of obstacles to overcome over the past 35 years - the market has experienced ups and downs - but today there is no doubt that organic wines have carved out a place for themselves among consumers. Terroirs Vivants posted sales of 3.4 million bottles last year, a 15% increase on the previous year.

Extension of the range

But far from resting on his laurels, Jacques Frelin intends to continue to build on growth by extending his range, which until now has been limited to the South of France, and reaching out to the rest of France. From this year, his range has seen the addition of wines from the Loire Valley and the other French wine regions will gradually enter his portfolio.



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