Champagne witnesses birth of Terroir d’Excellence Diffusion

Tuesday January 30 2018 by Vitisphere

This is history repeating itself”, commented Patrick Boivin, chairman of the Pierry co-operative winery. “Sixty years ago, co-operatives were set up to protect winegrowers who could not afford to make and store wine. Now we want to take marketing a step further so as not to be over-dependent on the Champagne houses which are regrouping. Our inspiration comes from the quote “If you want peace, prepare for war”. To safeguard our revenues and ensure our future, we must sell bottles because we may have fewer opportunities to sell still wines in the long term”.


Sister wineries with many similarities


The two co-ops have much in common. With an area under vine of 80 ha mostly planted to Pinot Meunier, there are 220 member growers in Pierry and 230 in Mardeuil. In terms of business strategies, however, they are completely different. The Pierry co-operative sells 30,000 bottles of niche wines a year (saignee rosé, 100% Meunier, etc.) under the Vincent d' Astrée label. Conversely, Mardeuil focuses on a strong brand strategy under the Beaumont des Crayères label, selling 650,000 bottles. The creation of the new Economic Interest Group is driven by a shared desire to invest more in sales, while remaining independent.


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