The colour of wine

Wednesday January 17 2018 by Marion Sepeau Ivaldi

A blue wine created in 2015 in Spain.A blue wine created in 2015 in Spain. - Photo credit : DR

A very Happy New Year to readers of Vitisphere’s Monthly newsletter. The year in wine has kicked off with the usual round of predictions about what to expect over the next twelve months. According to the IWSR, colour will become ever-more central to ultimate brand success. For wine, this poses challenges – there are only three colours after all, or four if you count ‘orange’ wines – which is hardly going to set social media on fire. The IWSR claims though that brand colours can create differentiation. Other industry players are taking this a step further and contemplating the use of colours previously unheard of for wine itself. Spain created a buzz with blue wine in 2015. Maybe 2018 will see the advent of green, purple, brown, black or transparent wines…




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