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Mature vintages now have their own website

By Vitisphere January 22, 2018
Mature vintages now have their own website
- crédit photo : CC0 Creative Commons

3 labels are listed on the Clubvieuxmillesimes.com website that went live last November and is the brainchild of the Roussillon wine marketing board CIVR. Each label is presented on a fact sheet and includes a link to the producer's retail website or, failing that, his/her contact details. The oldest vintage is 1875, the youngest 1999. The website also features ten wineries and estates selected in a blind tasting by David Biraud (runner-up in the 2016 World’s Best Sommelier competition). All the wines achieved a minimum score of 90/100.


2.6 million bottles in stock


The vintages featuring on the website were identified as a result of work carried out by the marketing board over the last three years, aimed at taking stock of inventories. 2.6 million bottles dating from before 2000 were identified, thereby creating a market, whose needs are now served by Clubvieuxmillesimes.com.

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