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Aquitaine laboratory project selected for its ambition

Par Vitisphere Le 19 janvier 2018
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Aquitaine laboratory project selected for its ambition
- crédit photo : Alexandre Abellan (Vitisphere)

eaching third place out of 117 applicants, the Aquitaine project for a “large-scale laboratory for reducing pesticide use” prides itself on being one of the 24 finalists in the High Ambition Innovative Regions (TIGA) scheme. As part of the Investment Programme for the Future, the call for proposals issued by the General Commissioner for Investment and the French deposit office ‘Caisse des Dépôts’ selected the application entered by the New Aquitaine region for its scope and ambition.

The winning project aims to help the region "remain a dynamic and attractive agricultural and wine-growing area for its residents, businesses and their employees as well as for tourists attracted by the destination, between now and 2050”. In practical terms, the project is to launch the first territorial research and development network dedicated to reducing agro-chemical usage for viticulture.


12 laboratories


Both collective and collaborative, this approach to the TIGA is based on twelve “territorial innovation laboratories”. The new structures, which are intended to accelerate the creation and transfer of knowledge, must address outreach solutions for good wine-making practice and the introduction of alternative treatments, whilst at the same time creating a digital platform to collect results (VitiData Platform).

The TIGA selection process continues throughout 2018, with a new call for projects due to select 10 finalists. The winners will share total funding of 450 million over ten years (including €150 million in grants).

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