Gignac and Saint Bauzille de la Sylve join forces

Tuesday January 09 2018 by Vitisphere

Jean-Michel Sagnier, chairman.Jean-Michel Sagnier, chairman. - Photo credit : Michèle Trévoux

At an extraordinary general assembly called on December 20, growers belonging to the Gignac and Saint Bauzille de la Sylve co-operative wineries, north of Montpellier, chose to follow the advice of their executives and voted unanimously in favour of the merger proposed last May by the boards of both wineries. The new entity, which boasts 350 member growers, has a normal production potential of 100,000 hectolitres, but this year both wineries were affected by frosts last spring and drought over the summer. “Our production (64,000 hl) is only just on a par with that of Saint Bauzille de la Sylve alone in a normal year. The merger at least enables us to supply our long-standing clients”, said Jean-Michel Sagnier, former chairman of the St Bauzille co-op who now heads up the new firm.


A single winery

Starting with the 2017 crop, most of the grapes harvested by members of the Gignac winery were brought to Saint Bauzille. “At the moment, we are keeping the Gignac winery but next vintage, all our wines will be made at Saint Bauzille where we will be fitting a new unloading bay and increasing the capacity of our heater for thermo-vinifications. The tanks and equipment in Gignac will gradually be taken to Saint Bauzille which will ultimately become the new structure’s sole winemaking facilities”.


The merger coincides with a change of director at the company’s helm. Next February, Frédéric Gaubert takes over from Didier Gabaudan who is retiring. The winery has been preparing for the succession since last August when Frédéric Gaubert joined the Saint Bauzille winery.  


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