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Cave de Tain due to leave VRT in spring 2018

Par Vitisphere Le 08 janvier 2018
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Cave de Tain due to leave VRT in spring 2018
- crédit photo : Cave de Tain

he collaborative marketing structure Vignerons de Rasteau Tain l’Hermitage is to lose one of its founding members but retain its original name, and its all-important acronym. “Our departure from VRT will be effective in spring 2018. The process has now been fully confirmed”, explained Xavier Gomart, managing director of the Tain co-operative winery. “Tain is leaving us for strategic reasons, but VRT stays and is not going to change”, added Antoine Müller, managing director of the Rasteau co-operative and of VRT.

Strategic options amongst Rhone wine regions are very different”, said Xavier Gomart. “In the South, everything is planted and the challenge is to pool supplies. In the North, we are continuing to plant and need to move upmarket. It is difficult to be members of the same group when our strategies are so different. We have kept VRT going for a fairly long time but now we need to be pragmatic”, he added.

North/South divide

The split underscores the Tain winery’s search for recognition and premiumisation, “Even though we don’t have billboards on the hillside”, remarked Xavier Gomart. Celebrating its 85th anniversary in 2018, the Tain co-operative has 270 member growers and 1,000 hectares under vine. The small crop in 2017 has forced the winery to announce output of less than 40,000 hectolitres, compared with its average production of 45-50,000 hl.

With sales of 5.5 million bottles generating turnover of 23 million euros, VRT markets wines produced by the co-operative in Rasteau, along with Gigondas and Sablet, as well as estate wines such as those by Moulin la Roque in Bandol. 

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