Château Chasse Spleen has still not applied to join the Crus Bourgeois

Friday January 05 2018 by Vitisphere

- Photo credit : Château Chasse Spleen

Despite overtures by the Alliance des Crus Bourgeois, Château Chasse Spleen has no intention of joining the new five-year, three-tier classification slated for 2020. The prominent estate, which left the Crus Bourgeois after the 2003 classification was contested (in which it was rated as a Cru Exceptionnel), has not featured in the current annual classifications since 2010 (for the 2008 vintage). Neither does it intend to return under the five-yearly system which offers undeniable benefits in terms of market reassurance.

I have reservations about the principle of a hierarchy. There will always be the disgruntled few that will not accept being left out. There will always be legal proceedings. Consumers want stability, not court cases”, claimed Jean-Pierre Foubet, managing director of châteaux Chasse Spleen and Gressier Grand Poujeaux. The two neighbouring properties have the same owners but not the same approach to the Crus Bourgeois system, nor the same sales networks.

 Life goes on

Château Gressier Grand Poujeaux is a part of the Crus Bourgeois scheme whereas Chasse Spleen is popular amongst Bordeaux merchants and has become a strong brand name in its own right. “We have realised that our business has not suffered at all due to the lack of the statement. Life goes on without it”, concluded Jean-Pierre Foubet. 


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