Remarkable AOC Cabardès

Friday December 08 2017 by Vitisphere

- Photo credit : Ventenac

Miren de Lorgeril, elected chair of AOC Cabardès two years ago, vowed to make the appellation more proactive during her tenure. “The producers and I realised that the quality of the wines had improved and vitality amongst businesses was strong”, said a delighted Miren de Lorgeril. The downside, though, is that when it comes to collective activities the sum is not greater than the parts in terms of economic vitality. This realisation prompted the creation of a selection of the appellation’s wines: the ‘Remarquables, i.e. the appellation’s most iconic labels. The aim is to show that AOC Cabardès boasts top quality terroirs and to turn the spotlight on improvements to quality which may have gone unnoticed. With famed French journalist Bernard Burtschy as chairman of honour, a group of fifteen or so sommeliers, wine merchants and journalists tasted wines from 28 estates complying with a certain number of criteria, namely price (over 10 euros at the cellar door) and yield (less than 40 hl/ha). Four wines that rated the highest – two of them scoring the same – were designated as ‘2017 Remarquables’.

AOC Cabardès is unusual amongst Languedoc wines in that it combines Atlantic and Mediterranean climatic influences. Its varietal range is a reflection of this, leading to blends that strike a balance between Atlantic and Mediterranean grape varieties. The appellation produces an average 18,000 hl a year, 85% red, and its average price tag is 10 euros/bottle.


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