Vignobles de la Voie d’Héraclès winery makes bold move for the future

Monday December 04 2017 by Vitisphere

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France’s leading producer of organic wines, the Vignobles de la Voie d’Héraclès co-operative winery in Gard, southern France, has made the bold move of investing 15.5 million euros in a new winery whose unprecedented design combines technological, social and environmental innovations. “It is extremely brave to take on a €15.5 million project involving all the winery’s member growers. You have an incredible vision of the future. This project must be used as a model and an example”, stressed Gérard Bertrand during the official installation ceremony of the first tank in Codognan.


120,000 hl tank capacity


The winery is set on a 3.5 hectare plot and will initially be fitted with tanks with a total capacity of 120,000 hectolitres. This will provide it with a processing capacity of 75,000 hl, its current output. Extensions are already in the pipeline however so that the winery will be able to produce 120,000 hl of wine. Its semi-circular shape is designed to facilitate usage with less movement and handling required, thereby reducing risks.




It will also be France’s first connected winery, fitted with a building management system (BMS) that connects winery equipment computer systems. Centralising data will allow traceability and every stage of winemaking to be closely monitored. Each operator will be able to access information geared to his/her position via a tablet. The winery also intends to develop a wine-dedicated innovation platform and roll out the first Vino Living Lab, a centre for experimentation open to research centres and businesses.  


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