Former OIV director Robert Tinlot dies

Wednesday November 22 2017 by Vitisphere

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Robert Tinlot passed away on November 12 at the age of 86. His death is being mourned by the many people who knew him. Elected managing director of OIV in 1985, he held this position until 1996. One of his main achievements was extending the organisation’s international scope – during his tenure, the number of member states rose from 33 to 46.


Educational initiatives

As chairman of Académie Amorim, Robert Tinlot played a part in the creation of OIV’s Wine Management master’s degree in 1986. According to the degree’s website, it “trains students for wine industry specific management by offering concrete intelligence of the international environment via an itinerant, multidisciplinary and experience-based training”.

After graduating from law school and the centre for studies and advanced training of the French trading standards office, Robert Tinlot began his career as head of litigation at the national wine and spirits standards board. He made his mark on European wine policy after being selected to chair the wine (in 1979) then spirits group (1984) of the European Union Council of Ministers. He also took part in drafting industry standards as head of the French delegation at the Codex Alimentarius committee, and was vice-chairman of the wine group at the FAO in 1983.

An expert on China

Robert Tinlot was one of the first to take an interest in China as a wine producing country. In 1987, as director of OIV, he organised a symposium on sensorial wine tasting in the city of Yantai. Such was his support for the development of the Chinese wine industry that an estate was named after him – Tinlot Wine Château (Changyu). 


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