Champagne wine growers change their seal

Tuesday November 21 2017 by Vitisphere

- Photo credit : SVG

The Champagne wine growers’ association (SGV) announced last September that it intended to change the appearance of the collective banner. To create a new seal, it chose to use a participatory method involving 100 growers and co-operatives, and a guide – the Sowine agency. The new logo displays four interwoven branches which obviously portray the vine but also the myriad individual vineyards and the four major areas belong to the Champagne appellation. It also symbolises the region’s values that are authenticity, terroir, nuance and expertise. The seal is also surrounded by a frieze representing a glassware motif recalling the bottom of the finest Champagne bottles. “The logo is not only premium and elegant in style, it must also be a real sign of belonging for all our wine growers who were directly involved in the production process of the graphic design”, comments Maxime Toubart, chairman of the Champagne wine growers’ association.

Human input and chalk

The advertising artwork focuses more on the practical side of production. According to the association, it was taken on board by all. It “symbolises the way nature and the terroir are enhanced at the hands of wine growers”. The Champagne de Vigneron seal is stamped into the chalk, epitomising the soils of Champagne, whilst at the same time creating a tactile sensation. 


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