Vinegar manufacturers fear shortages

Friday November 10 2017 by Vitisphere

Will salad dressings be missing one vital component over the next few months, i.e. vinegar? “We only have a few months worth of stocks”, said an alarmed Guy Brabant, administrator of the federation of condiment industries (which represents around forty firms) who also heads up Charbonneaux-Brabant in Reims. The situation is tense amongst vinegar manufacturers who are struggling to secure supplies of non-GI wines following the drastic decline in European wine production this year.

First time ever

In the past, we have never really experienced supply issues. This is the first year that we have been faced with a problem of this kind. Asking prices in Italy and Spain are up by 50 to 100%”, continued Brabant, who added: “French vinegar producers are keen to buy French products due to quality assurance issues. But we may have to turn to South America to source wines”.  At the same time, French vinegar manufacturers are trying to convince super/hypermarkets to accept price hikes. “For some products that have very low margins, such as red wine vinegar sold in plastic bottles, it is likely that significant price increases will occur”, claimed Brabant. The situation is somewhat reminiscent of the current butter shortage… 


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