Provence rosé sales boom in export markets

Thursday November 09 2017 by Vitisphere

Exports of Provence rosés have just broken another record: with volume consignments of 33.7 million litres between January and August 2017 worth 196.2 million euros, they soared by 39% in volume and 6% in value compared with the same period of the previous year. “Sales got off to a strong start in January”, says Valérie Lelong, export marketing and communications manager at the Provence wine marketing board CIVP. “In January 2017 alone, volume shipments doubled compared with the January before. Subsequently, every month showed like-for-like increases on 2016”. The added bonus was that ex-cellar prices rose by 2% to €4.4/bottle.

50% value growth in the USA

The United States, which absorb 42% of overseas volumes, continue to fuel growth of Provence rosés abroad. “Our sales are up 46% by volume and 50% by value”, explains Valérie Lelong. “After the East Coast and California, they are now rolling back the boundaries in other areas such as Texas and Chicago… Our wines have become a benchmark for top-end rosés in the US market. It is not unusual to find them retailing for 25/30 dollars a bottle, both in winter and in summer”. Similarly, demand is increasing in Europe, particularly in the United Kingdom which is the second largest export destination for Provence rosés with imports of 4.3 million euros. From January to August 2017, sales to the UK went through the roof, posting increases of 76% in volume and 65% in value. 


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