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Comexposium becomes a key player in the event's arena

Par Vitisphere Le 07 novembre 2017
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Comexposium becomes a key player in the event's arena
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inisud, the four World Wine Meetings Global (Paris, San Francisco, Singapore and Chicago) and the World Bulk Wine Exhibition are now part of the Comexposium portfolio, heralding a major breakthrough for the company in the world of BtoB wine events. A newcomer to the wine industry, it already organises Vinovision in Paris, the show dedicated to wines from northern France which made its debut last February in Paris.

By buying the BtoB show portfolio owned by Euromoney, Comexposium thus becomes a key player, causing a paradigm shift in this ultra-competitive business.

Tangible effects by 2018

The tangible effect of the transaction will be felt as early as 2018. An 8-day package will be offered to buyers who will be able to start their stay in France with a close-up look at northern French wines at Vinovision Paris, due to take place from February 12 to 14 at the Porte de Versailles showground. The next venue will be the Hôtel du Collectionneur in Paris from February 14 to 17 for the one-on-one World Wine Meetings Global, followed by Vinisud at the Montpellier showground from February 18 to 20. Holding the three events in close succession meets an underlying demand for a professional wine event held over a short space of time. “For 2018, Vinisud and Vinovision Paris sought to pool their strengths and focus on synergies, both from a visitor perspective and in terms of marketing and sales activities”, explains Valérie Lobry, managing director of the AFCO division at Comexposium. 

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