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Castel wholeheartedly focuses on varietal sparkling wines

By Vitisphere October 31, 2017
Castel wholeheartedly focuses on varietal sparkling wines

ith the holiday season fast approaching, the Société des Vins de France – a subsidiary of the Castel group – seems to have thrown moderation and caution to the wind: “In the ultra dynamic sparkling wine market, Roche Mazet is aiming to provide a 100% French response by combining bubbles and Pays d’Oc varietal wines”, claims a press statement dated October 25. Issued just six days after new specifications for Pays d’Oc PGI sparkling wines were approved by INAO, the statement confirms that the group has decided not to wait for the new legal framework to be rubber-stamped by the Minister of Agriculture.

The truth is that Languedoc firms are at the end of their tether, caught between the promise of growth in the sparkling wine market and the endless legal battles which have prevented sparkling PGI Pays d’Oc wines from emerging. The National Federation of Crémant Producers (FNPEC) has been relentless in its attack on PGI sparkling wines since the first decrees appeared at the end of 2011.


After its initial triumphant launch in 2014 – subsequently stopped in its tracks after coming under fire from the FNPEC – Roche Mazet intends to create a new sensation at the end of this year. Since it was presented to the Paris media on October 18, its pitch has remained unchanged: its ambition is to provide a French alternative to rival Prosecco and Cava. Three product lines are currently available in super/hypermarkets: dry Chardonnay, medium dry Muscat and dry Syrah rosé, each one retailing at a recommended price of 5.95 euros/bottle.

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