AdVini boosts Rigal range with natural wines

Thursday October 26 2017 by Vitisphere

- Photo credit : Rigal

With organic wines having made the transition from niche and fad to mainstream, wine companies are all now gradually embracing the category. After Jeanjean, Maison Rigal has become the latest firm within the AdVini group to go a step farther and move towards sulphite-free bottlings. The leading negociant in the Cahors* appellation area, Rigal has unveiled two organic wines, one labelled Nuance, the other Absolu, which contains no added sulphites. “Malbec is a fairly reductive grape variety which has a lot of potential because it is high in polyphenols. This gives it natural protection against oxidation and therefore requires fewer sulphites for storage”, explained Cédric Tannière, Rigal’s head of wine, in a press statement.

In practice, this involves using reductive winemaking and ageing in concrete tanks containing inert gas for the Absolu label which has 30 mg/L of SO2 compared with 55 mg/L for Nuance. The latter brand has sulphites added at the end of malolactic fermentation in casks and before bottling.

€13 and €15 retail price tags

Aimed at super/hypermarkets and export markets, Absolu has a recommended retail price tag of €13 for the 2016 vintage. Nuance sells for €15 at wine merchants, stressed Julien Touboul, Rigal’s new managing director. Touboul took over from Philippe Solom who stayed with the firm for only a year. His intention is to expand the company’s organic range and he claimed he is “in talks with a partner to help secure organic certification”.

*The company controls 250 hectares within the appellation area in Lot


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