Hennessy is hoping for 2,000 hectares/year of new plantings

Wednesday October 25 2017 by Vitisphere

- Photo credit : Alexandre Abellan (Vitisphere)

On October 18, Maison Hennessy officially opened its new high-speed bottling line at its new production facilities. The equipment can bottle up to 240,000 bottles a day, ensuring annual production of 2 million cases of Cognac. After two years’ work and 100 million euros invested in “Pont Neuf” at the Salles d’Angles business park in Charente, the high-profile opening ceremony marks just one stage of development for Cognac’s leading firm. Accounting for half of the region’s volumes, the LVMH subsidiary company has announced that it will break through the 8 million-case mark for sales of Cognac in 2018, equating to 96 million 70-cl bottles. Hennessy marketed 7 million cases in 2016 (84 million bottles) and is aiming for 10 million (120 m bottles).

To support these objectives, the Pont Neuf facilities will be fitted with a second bottling line in 2018 in order to double its production capacity. Ultimately, another packaging hall identical to existing facilities will be built on the 32-hectare site so that two new bottling lines can be installed, bringing production capacity on this site alone up to 8 million cases. Then there the volumes already produced at existing facilities at La Vigerie. Alongside the development of its manufacturing facilities to support growing export markets, spearheaded by the United States and China, Hennessy intends to drive an increase in supplies of brandy by encouraging growers to plant more vines. 


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