Vegan wines becoming more popular

Wednesday October 04 2017 by Marion Sepeau Ivaldi

Vegan wines are THE big fashion at the moment. Not a week goes by in France without a winery launching a vegan label. Gérard Bertrand, Rhonéa, Buzet and Château Dauzac have all pulled from their hat a wine with chaste herbal credentials. They create a point of difference from organic wines and although they target a niche consumer audience, they align with a concern shared by many consumers, which is to end cruelty to animals.

As a reminder, plant-based fining agents were developed in response to issues that had no ideological motives: they were simply designed to avoid confusing consumers, many of whom were troubled to discover that a drink made entirely from grapes could contain animal-based allergens. Originally intended to avoid any bad publicity for wine, plant-based fining agents have now become a statement, epitomising a cause.

One last question remains to be answered though: what does the future hold for meat eating? Will consumers permanently steer clear of steaks and roasts, allowing veganism to become a long-term trend? 


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