French consumers can’t make heads or tails of wine lists

Thursday October 05 2017 by Vitisphere

Drinks distributor C10 commissioned a study by market research company IRI on wine consumption in Horeca channels in France. Online and in situ questionnaires in restaurants, bars and discotheques were conducted over a four-month period from September 2016 to February 2017 (excluding December 2016), that involved 800 consumers.

The study confirmed the importance of wine as a drink of choice in restaurants with nearly half of responses (45%). The number of respondents who consider the criterion as “essential” in the overall satisfaction rating of the venue was even higher, at two thirds. The average score awarded to venues was better (8.4/10) when waiters provided explanations on wines.

Advice prompts greater expenditure

However, advice scored the lowest of all at 6.9/10, revealing room for improvement. In only a quarter of cases did waiters spontaneously offer advice according to those surveyed, despite the significance of that advice as in two out of three cases, it influenced the ultimate choice of wine. The survey also revealed that, in the event of advice being offered, more appellation wines were ordered, at the expense of entry-level table wines. One in three consumers reads nothing on the wine list.

Another way of leveraging sales growth in Horeca outlets is through the wine list which also needs to be developed and improved to help patrons choose wine. Asked about how they do choose wine, respondents said the wine list or blackboard were their primary sources of information (41%), followed by advice (30%), but that means 29% rely on nothing to order wine!  


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