Discover the names of four French disease-resistant grape varieties

Monday October 02 2017 by Vitisphere

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The first four disease-resistant grape varieties stemming from INRA’s Resdur programme are no longer just numbers, they now have names – Artaban and Vidocq for the two reds, and Floréal and Volis for the whites. “INRA didn’t choose them. We brought together a committee of a dozen industry members (IFV, producers and marketers) who selected these four names from the dozen or so we put forward”, pointed out Christian Huygue, deputy agricultural science director at INRA.

Plant material available in 2018

These varieties are part of the first wave of selections produced by INRA. An application for them to be listed in the official varietal catalogue has been put forward and should be examined at the end of October or in early January. The varieties will then be submitted for a permanent listing and will be available for planting in 2018, provided plant material is available.

The results of a research programme launched by INRA in 2000, these polygenic varieties have two genes that are resistant to powdery and downy mildew, which guarantee sustainable resistance. Nevertheless, INRA recommends that producers treat vines twice or three times a year, both to protect the resistance genes and to combat secondary diseases such as Black Rot. As regards the quality of the wines made from the varieties, Huygue claims initial wines are good. “A white and a red got the thumbs up from industry members. The varieties are not designed to make grands crus but they can match the requirements of certain types of market demand. We will definitely have better quality varieties from the second wave of selections in two years’ time”.


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