Unidor invests €3.2 million in storage facilities

Tuesday September 26 2017 by Vitisphere

- Photo credit : Unidor

On September 22, the Dordogne co-operative winery group Unidor officially opened its new storage facilities, thereby extending its production warehouses by 5,400 m2. The new facilities, which cost 3.2 million euros, are part of its Saint-Laurent-des-Vignes winery which now houses storage alongside reception, blending, ageing and bottling areas.

Dordogne’s leading bottling centre

By re-organising the site, the Bergerac co-operative group aims to improve efficiency and flexibility, along with modernity as the previous facilities in Lamonzie were in a particularly antiquated state, says Unidor’s managing director Jean-Marc Fontaine. He also stressed that the group boasts Dordogne’s leading bottling centre with 20% of turnover worth 3 million euros apparently generated by sub-contract bottling for wine growers and negociants.

Unidor is now preparing to invest in ERP software for integrated resource management and to put forward a strategic plan intended to drive the entire Dordogne wine industry. 


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