Hennessy showcases its precision selections

Monday September 25 2017 by Vitisphere

- Photo credit : Alexandre Abellan

Delicacy is probably the hardest thing to sense in the potential of young brandies”, admits Renaud Fillioux de Gironde, the new master blender at Hennessy (LVMH). The eighth generation of his family to work at Charentes’ leading Cognac house, the young master blender is all the better armed to meet the demands of precision in selecting suitable blending components and passing on knowledge. On September 21, he illustrated those challenges with a new take on the Paradis Impérial label. Hennessy’s panel tastes 10,000 new brandies every year and only chooses 10 of them with the potential to enter the prestigious blend, after a lengthy ageing period.

To symbolise this constant quest, the English group Marshmallow Laser Feast has produced a cutting edge structure, The Quest. This experiential piece of installation art represents the careful search for brandies with 700 unique, tailor-made acrylic crystals shot through with lasers from an automated arm which automatically reviews them. In the half-light, this quest begins with slow movements that become frenetic until they focus on ten particular shards which are nano-engraved to form unique shades and highlights. These rare gems need to be identified and monitored by the master blender, guided by his rigour to complete a creation that fulfils his challenging list of specifications.

Set in the iconic cellar of the founder of Hennessy, in Cognac, the installation took two years and around fifty people to produce for an undisclosed amount.


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