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Creating a ’counter buzz’

By Vitisphere August 29, 2017
Creating a ’counter buzz’

back label on a Rhone Valley wine recently featured an unusual food pairing suggestion – to say the least. After securing vegan certification, its producer, Rhonéa, suggested drinking it with red meat, beef bourguignon and characterful cheeses – all foods that you are unlikely to see a vegan eating. A photo of the back label posted by Vincent Pousson on his blog – des idées liquides & solides – provoked an outburst of hilarity throughout the online world of wine.

What was generally regarded as a clanger, though, was dismissed as such by Rhonéa: “It is not a mistake. We believe in sharing. Vegan is a certification but does not mean that vegan wines cannot be enjoyed with meat products. They are for everyone”, claimed Ryckman Haevermans from Rhonéa. For the first time, the co-operative group certified all its 2016 vintage red wines as vegan and to underscore its open-minded approach, decided to suggest pairings with all types of foods, both vegan-friendly and meat dishes. Unfortunately, there was one major oversight for this particular wine – it only suggested pairings with meat dishes. Undeterred, Haevermans seized this opportunity to let everyone know that “all our wines from the 2017 vintage, in all three colours, will be certified vegan”. 


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