Cognac sales continue to surge ahead as Europe shows upturn

Friday August 25 2017 by Vitisphere

For the third financial year in a row, exports of Cognac are continuing to soar, reaching shipments of 190.2 million bottles, up 10.2%, worth 3 billion euros (+15.2%). According to figures released by the Cognac marketing board BNIC on August 16, all signals are go in Cognac’s three leading markets with growth often in the double digits.

In North America and Mexico, shipments rose by 9.3% by volume to 82.1 million bottles, generating a 13.5% value increase.

In Asian markets – South-East Asia, China and Japan – volumes totalled 53.7 million bottles (+10.6%) with value shipments soaring by 19.4%. China remains the region’s powerhouse with shipments of 22.6 million bottles.

Russia is back on the scene

Thirdly, Europe has returned to growth with volume consignments up by 10.1% to 42.1 million bottles and values rising by 8.1%. The surge is underpinned by traditional markets such as the United Kingdom and Germany, but also Russia where volume shipments jumped by 73.2%, marking a clear upturn.

The BNIC points out that there is also potential for growth in other parts of the world, which totalled 12.3 million bottles, with shipments to areas such as the Caribbean and South Africa increasing.


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