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14% of Charentes wine growers commit to the marketing board's scheme

With the aim of recruiting 100% of the Cognac wine region to its sustainable benchmark scheme by 2021, the Cognac marketing board BNIC continues to promote its agro-environmental ambitions.
Par Vitisphere Le 14 août 2017
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14% of Charentes wine growers commit to the marketing board's scheme

y the end of July, 650 wine growers had signed up to the Cognac marketing board’s sustainable wine growing benchmark scheme. Charentes is home to a total 4,500 wine growers and this first wave of recruitment equates to 14% of the total. The initial phase covered an eight-month period and involved individual trouble-shooting. Presented last November during Vinitech, the benchmarking process aims to see commitment by 100% of wine growers by 2021. The board has set the bar high but it has a tried and tested technique for recruiting new participants.

Signing up

Advocating environmental conservation and farm productivity, the Charentes benchmarking process “is a collective industry initiative rolled out on a voluntary and progressive basis”, says Laetitia Four, head of the BNIC’s sustainable development department in a promotional video for the scheme (see below).

Featuring testimonials by Charentes wine growers who have committed themselves to the scheme, the video lists all the practical spin-offs that participants can expect to see. Growers can sign up to the BNIC’s training course on a voluntary basis so that an individual assessment can be conducted and roadmap set out based on this personalised review. Involving technical support, the exercise is also a means of sharing good practice between participants. “It allows us to find solutions amongst ourselves and that’s what’s important because they are practical, hands-on solutions”, adds wine grower Aude Briand. 

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