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France ranks sixth for boxed wine exports

Wednesday August 02 2017 by Vitisphere

Between January and March 2017, trade in wine packaged in 2-10-litre containers totalled 1 million hectolitres worth 132 million euros. According to the Spanish wine market observatory OEMV, which issued the previously unpublished data, the figures are most likely to equate to boxed wines. Since January 1, 2017*, the international customs code number 2 204 22 traces trade in wines packaged in containers with a capacity of 2 to 10 litres, with bulk wines over 10 litres still classified under the code number 2 204 29. The new nomenclature provides insight into the prime movers in the fashionable boxed wine category.

Ranked sixth by volume with 8.3 million litres, France exports half as many wines in boxes as world leader Australia (16.1 million litres). Despite this, France ranks first by value, posting turnover of 19.3 million euros for its boxed wine exports, almost twice as much as Australia at €11.6 m. The explanation for this is the high unit price for French boxed wines, which stands at €2.34 / litre compared with €1.31 / litre globally. The figures should nevertheless be put into perspective due to sales of great growth wines in large containers that can skew value data. Also, French boxed wine exporters have reported difficulties in growing sales abroad, compared with high growth rates domestically where 3.8 million hectolitres were sold in super/hypermarkets in 2016.

Consumption trends

The new nomenclature also sheds light on leading boxed wine importer countries. The United States takes pole position both by volume and value, respectively 13.5 million litres worth €19.9 million. Known for their partiality to boxed wines, the Scandinavian countries feature high up in the rankings, with Sweden in second place with 8.6 million litres and Norway fourth with 6.3 million. Although boxed wines are particularly popular in Western Europe – Portugal ranks third with 6.7 million litres, Germany fifth with 3.8 million and Belgium sixth with 3 million – Japan also buys boxed wines (7th place with 2.9 ml). Two noteworthy destinations are Serbia and Slovakia in eighth and ninth place with 2.8 and 1.9 million litres respectively.

One fifth of boxed wine shipments over the period are bound for the United States, both by volume and value.

*Argentina does not seem to have introduced the new customs nomenclature – OEMV reported that it was surprised not to see Argentinean export declarations in the boxed wine category.


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