Yaron Herman

“Music and wine are made for each other”

Tuesday August 01 2017 by Vitisphere

- Photo credit : Julien Mignot
Jazz pianist Yaron Herman will be giving his rendition of Château Angélus at a sold-out performance during the Saint-Emilion Jazz Festival. For once, the score this time will not be out of 100.

The alchemy involved in wine making and in musical compositions is very similar. From terroir to inspiration, roughly the same things combine to make a wine, or a concert, successful”, commented pianist Yaron Herman who will put his philosophy to the test by performing at Château Angélus during the Saint-Emilion Jazz Festival. His concert-cum-wine tasting will be packed to the rafters and promises to be one of the high points of this year’s event, the sixth of its kind. The pianist was amused by the similarities in vocabulary between the lyric arts and wine: “Notes, harmony, resonance…They share the same language, the worlds of wine and music were made for each other!”

Shared feelings

Alone on the piano, Herman is likely to perform intuitively, using improvisation and drawing inspiration from the atmosphere. “Things will appear and emerge from all those component parts that form ideas and feelings to be shared”, he commented. A modern jazz artist, he is renowned for his eclectic covers, ranging from Britney Spears’ Toxic to No surprises by Radiohead. He may even be tempted to play a theme tune from James Bond as a nod to Château Angélus’ appearance in the film series.

A wine enthusiast, Herman has so far only tasted one bottle of the great classified growth and is hoping to leave with a few bottles…


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