Winds of change

AREV asserts its European ambitions

Tuesday July 25 2017 by Vitisphere

Members of the Assembly of European Wine Regions, AREV, met on July 10 and 11 in Strasbourg and revealed the organisation’s determination to become a major player in the European arena.

With the CAP reform, maintaining current funding and national grant programmes clearly in its sights, the Assembly of European Wine Regions is taking a new approach and asserting its role as a tool for the European wine industry in Brussels. To mark its commitment, it has moved its head office to the Belgian capital city and has appointed Frenchman Pascal Bobilier-Monnot as secretary general.

New chairman

The organisation has also elected a new chairman, Emiliano Garcia-Page Sanchez, who chairs the Castilla La Mancha region in Spain. The choice will most certainly make heads turn in the Southern French wine regions due to ongoing disputes over Spanish wine imports. In a statement, the newly elected chairman said he intended to secure greater exposure for the issues involving Europe’s wine regions and would demand to be a part of discussions and the decision-making process. His election was followed by a motion on the CAP and a ruling calling for progress to be made on risk management tools, starting from now. The organisation then called for the creation of a European viticultural observatory, refusing to give up on a demand it has now made for the past twenty years.


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