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Bordeaux wine marketing board chops 20% off 2018 budget

Par Vitisphere Le 17 juillet 2017
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Bordeaux wine marketing board chops 20% off 2018 budget

ver two months after the spring frosts that affected the region, “it is still difficult to establish an accurate estimate of the volumes we will produce in 2017”, claimed Allan Sichel, chairman of the Bordeaux wine marketing board (CIVB) on July 10 at the board’s AGM. “We think crop losses will be significant but we need to wait until the end of the year to ascertain the amount exactly”, he announced cautiously. When it came to cutbacks, however, the Bordeaux merchant was less vague.

Anticipating a drop in levies, the marketing board is bracing itself for some challenging financial years in 2018 and 2019. Its overall budget will fall by 20%. Marketing activities will be leveraged as an initial way of curtailing expenditure with a 16% drop to 17 million euros.

3 million euros earmarked for R&D

Announcing that he would be “safeguarding long-term activities”, Allan Sichel said he wanted to prioritise “the image of Bordeaux wines through marketing activities” and “research through technical activities”. In the latter case, the CIVB is maintaining funding of 2.4 million euros for its new three-year research plan. Muriel Barthe, the board’s technical director, stressed that twenty projects revolving around three themes would be rolled out between 2017 and 2020: “A sound, quality wine produced in conditions acceptable to the community. Adapting to change, all types of change, both climate and practical. Managing biological balances that promote biodiversity, using bioregulation rather than biological control”. When you add Gironde’s contribution to the National Plan to Combat Vine Die-Back, the board’s total R&D budget reaches €3 million over a three-year period.

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