CVG launches ‘Made in France’ base wines

Tuesday June 27 2017 by Vitisphere

We will be providing the first French base wine sourcing solution for producers around the world”, claimed Eric Lanxade, managing director of Caves et Vignobles du Gers (CVG). After three years of low-profile R&D, the Gascon co-operative group is launching procurements of base wines under the Préambulk brand. The range covers French white and rosé wines totalling 50,000 hectolitres for the 2017 vintage, which represents 15% of volumes produced by CVG. The group’s ultimate aim is to increase this share to 25%.

CVG’s objective is for the development of Préambulk to provide its wine growers with a stable income. Similarly, as orders for the base wines are placed before the harvest, the solution allows bulk buyers to anticipate their needs, which is a real bonus. After identifying sparkling wines as a potential source of growth, the Gers co-operative group reports that it has already prompted interest from French buyers – due to be met during Vinexpo – and, predictably, German and Russian firms. American buyers are also potential contacts that will be canvassed during the International Bulk Wine & Spirits show in San Francisco in July.

Improvisation is a definite no-no for the bulk industry

Renowned for its base wines for Armagnac, Gascony also produces base wines for sparkling wines, depending on market opportunities that arise and prices. “It is time to establish a regular trade flow, you cannot improvise in the bulk business”, stressed Lanxade. Developing a truly industrial source of base wines that can subsequently undergo a second fermentation was no mean feat for CVG. The aromatic characteristics of the Colombard variety did not make matters easier and required changes to production methods, vineyard selections – particularly choice of rootstock – and winery management to ensure the wines are able to withstand two alcoholic fermentations. 


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