InVivoWine lays the foundations of its international network

Wednesday June 21 2017 by Vitisphere

In the wine industry, no other French group has invested as much as we have in an international distribution network. This is not about sending students to the darkest depths of China and forgetting their names!” Bertrand Girard, the new managing director of InVivoWine, was determined to hammer home his message on June 19 at Vinexpo. The company’s strategy has led to the acquisition of the Dutch import, packaging and distribution group Baarsma – and its eight subsidiary companies – and integration of Vinadeis’ American and Asian promotion networks. The entire structure has 230 employees worldwide, including 120 sales representatives.

Co-operative sourcing

Thierry Blandinières, managing director of the InVivo group, pointed out that the “purchase is designed to develop our route to market, by adding our members’ wines to its portfolio whilst at the same time safeguarding the specific features of the company”. Bertrand Girard stressed the Dutch company’s European reach, with business activities for instance in France, the United Kingdom and Switzerland.

A boost to business

The European import and distribution network will now be rolled out globally. With particular emphasis on Asia and America, InVivoWine has bought a stake in the export promotion network set up by the Vinadeis group. With its head office in New York, the American branch has a sales network covering the cities of Boston, Chicago, Houston and Washington. The Asian side is based in Hong Kong and has subsidiaries in Chengdu, Seoul, Shanghai, Taipei and Tokyo.

We now have a real presence in the world of wine”, said a delighted Thierry Blandinières. Initial results vindicate the ambitious target of 500 million euros in turnover for the wine business within InVivo by 2020, with a long-term goal of 1 billion euros. The group itself turns over 6.4 billion euros. 


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