New estates for Lionel Osmin

Tuesday June 20 2017 by Vitisphere

From left to right: Lionel Osmin, Marion and Claire Bortolussi, Damiens SartoriFrom left to right: Lionel Osmin, Marion and Claire Bortolussi, Damiens Sartori - Photo credit : Marion Sepeau Ivaldi

Two new estates join Lionel Osmin's Company, Domaine Berthoumieu and the Jurançons de la famille Barrère, in a partnership spirit for the sake of durability for South-West wine-production.


“In the South-West, it is more and more complicated to pass down. We have more and more producers asking for passing down their estates” indicates Thomas Dassé, export manager. Thus, in 2016 Lionel Osmin & cie buys with Gerland producers the St-Guilhem estate (IGP Gascogne), after its owner's retirement. In 2017Jurançons de la famille Barrère, the Clos Cancaillaü and the Clos de la Vierge and domaine Berthoumieu (Madiran and Pacherenc of Vic-Bilh). Lionel Osmin manages the commercialisation and participates to the vinification process with Damiens Sartori's advices, co-founder of the company. “Our purpose is to work with owners as partners. Our job is to make sur that buisiness development creates value and is sustainable” said Lionel Osmin.


This collective spirit is particularly expressed with the Domaine Berthoumieu. Claire and Marion Bortolussi are owners of Château Viella in Madiran, but it is not time for their parents to step aside. After having travelled to Italy, Greece, Serbia, India and more, the two sisters wanted to practice this activity anyway. “We bought the property and now, we manage the vineyard and the wine-making process. We are in Vinexpo to complete the commercial aspect” said Claire Bortolussi.


Will Lionel Osmin continue to increase his offer? It is obvious because all South West appelations are not in the Company wet. Nevertheless, it is not going to be done now. First, he has to build the three estates to ensure the durability. “Berthoumieu is a huge project, it will take time to build it. We will have to grow at the same time”.



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