First steps for Jacques Mézard in Vinexpo's pathways

Monday June 19 2017 by Vitisphere

Today, June 19th, Jacques Mézard Minister of agriculture inaugurated Vinexpo 2017 accompanied by Alain Juppé.

Quite punctual, Jacques Mézard arrived by 10:30 am with the mayor of Bordeaux Alain Juppé, to tread Vinexpo’s pathways. Several representatives of the wine industry as Jérôme Despey president of the wine committee FranceAgriMec, Bernard Farges president of the CNAOC and Alain Sichel president of the CIVB were there to welcome him. The tour led the minister through the 1 000m of the Hall 1 towards the Hall 3 where he had to say a few words to the media.


Understanding of the wine

For his first time at Vinexpo, the minister came without his counsellor Audrey Bourolleau and did not deliver any particular message. For most of professional representatives, it was their first opportunity to exchange with him, indeed, this former senator had never worked on wine-making topics before. They mostly wished to make him discover the diversities of this industry and to show him it creates a lot of employment and value, particularly thanks to its capacity of exportation. He made his first stop at Vins de France where he was able to discover the French entry-level products. There is a common hope: convince him of this industry’s strength and solidarity in order to make him conscious that some political decisions, as for instance behavioural taxation, could weaken this dynamic sector. At the opposite, an improvement in climatic insurance would be welcomed.


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