“The French market is ready for Prosecco”

Sunday June 18 2017 by Vitisphere

Silvana Graziottin, sales manager for the European market:\Silvana Graziottin, sales manager for the European market:\ - Photo credit : Marion Sepeau Ivaldi

Villa Sandi, which produces 5 million bottles per year in the Valdobbiadene area, is a key player among Italian producers of sparkling wines. The estate enforces a strict policy regarding the protection of the environment on its 560 hectares (including 160 of its own and 400 under contract). Silvana Graziottin, sales manager for the European market, declared “We think that the French market is ready for a premium quality Prosecco. More and more chefs are interested in adding Prosecco to their menu”. Indeed, Villa Sandi products are developing little by little in France. For two years, Villa Sandi has been trusting Grands Chais de France to distribute its products and thus, targets major gastronomic restaurants. “We are working side by side in order to make their customers discover our wines” adds Silvana Graziottin.

Champagne and Prosecco

Villa Sandi applies this way of organising and distributing in Italy as around the world. In France, a second partner: Champagne Jacquart distributes La Giolosa which elaborates products designed for large retailers. This agreement foresees in return a distribution of Jacquart champagne, as well as for Champagne Devaux. Prosecco and Champagne are, for Villa Sandi, complementary. The PR manager, Manuela Oregna explains: “One is simple with only a little alcohol and smells the spring. The other is a wine, produced by a complex wine-making process with a deep scent, perfect for celebrations”. In other words, for Villa Sandi, there is not any confrontation but mutual promotion.


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