Louis-Fabrice Latour

“What has changed is the supremacy of vineyards”

Tuesday June 20 2017 by Vitisphere

The long-term success of Maison Latour stems largely from the company’s pioneering marketing vision, export development and negociant expertise passed down through the generations. But things have changed. “When my father handed the company over to me in 1980, I thought that the real revolution would be in the way wines were sold and distributed, and the internet”, explains Louis-Fabrice Latour, managing director of Maison Latour at a celebration of the Burgundy company’s 220th anniversary.

The supply side has become so much more important than it was when I was young

His opinion has changed dramatically since then. His generation has not had to rise to another marketing challenge: “In fact, there have been no fundamental changes. What has changed is the supremacy of vineyards. We have become aware of small harvests, the trend towards minerality, the significance of disease... The supply side has become so much more important than it was when I was young. That is one of the fundamental events of my generation”.

The significance of viticulture is not about to lessen. “Tomorrow’s major challenges are most certainly responsible, sustainable wine growing and the fight against unintended inputs – these issues are extremely important”. Louis-Fabrice Latour also points to another aspect that will guide the future: “There is the terroir but also the region”. Promotion of the growths, ‘climats’ and more broadly speaking single vineyards may increasingly emerge over the next few years. 


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