An ebony-coloured bottle adds elegance to sparkling wines

Monday June 12 2017 by Vitisphere

Verallia recently released an ebony-coloured bottle following neuroscience research to ascertain consumer perception of the colour.

A study was commissioned by Verallia from the Mind Insights Institute in April 2017. Its aim was to compare reactions automatically generated in consumers’ minds at the sight of two distinct Champagne bottle colours – the traditional green and ebony, which is almost black and was recently launched by Verallia for the sparkling wine market.

Black is associated with prestige

Generally speaking, the research revealed that the two colours “show well in terms of their emotional and cognitive dimensions”. Nevertheless, ebony stood out on three counts, enjoying a more premium image linked to prestige.

The second difference involves the colour’s ‘non-trivial’ character – ebony tended to activate perception of a ‘non-ordinary, different’ product. Conversely, the colour was less likely to activate the idea of ‘confidence’ for ‘less engaged’ wine consumers, namely those who show less of an interest and spend less time or money on wine, stated a press release.


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