Brexit: European lobby seeks to avoid wine and spirits taxation

Wednesday May 31 2017 by Vitisphere

From an economic perspective, there is no reason to impose customs duties on the borders with Europe. Obviously, from a political perspective, it’s a different matter”, commented Miles Beale, managing director of the Wine and Spirits Trade Association, with a hint of irony. The value of European wine imports into Great Britain and exports of British spirits to the European Union are indeed on a par and the WSTA is using this key argument to defend the status quo on trade regulations between the United Kingdom and the European Union. “Our aim is that nothing happens!”

But were something to happen, ideally, Brexit needs to be as seamless as possible. This could be ensured through a transitional period allowing companies to adapt to new regulations and customs infrastructures to be introduced. On this issue, the WSTA stressed that it was working hand in hand with the CEEV and Spirits Europe in order to defend a similar viewpoint. “We want all wine companies within the European Union to speak with one voice to their governments”. For France, the message is crystal clear: CNIV chairman Jean-Marie Barillère drove home the message to all politicians that came to the wine pavilion at the agricultural show in Paris this year that a pre-Brexit transition period was a necessity.

Source: Vitisphere. Photo: WSTA


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