Vinadeis: Jacky Maria takes over from Bertrand Girard as CEO

Tuesday May 30 2017 by Vitisphere

As a logical next step to joining the executive board of the InVivo group, Bertrand Girard has resigned as chairman of the board with Vinadeis. After leaving as the company’s managing director in March, he handed over the position of CEO of the co-operative union to Jacky Maria. Bertrand Girard became managing director of InVivo Wine when it was established in 2015 and therefore stays on with Vinadeis as an administrator. “Bertrand Girard will devote all his time to developing the wine branch of the InVivo group, particularly its international growth, in order to provide member wine co-operatives and InVivo’s partners – including Vinadeis – with sustainable, profitable sales outlets”, summed up the co-operative union in a press release.

Bertrand Girard, who became managing director of Val d’Orbieu in 2010, has handed over the reins of Vinadeis to Jacky Maria who has previously worked with Chapoutier and Castel (Malesan). He was already deputy CEO of Vinadeis. In 2015, he took over management of Bordeaux shipping firm Cordier after the Cordier-Mestrezat group was taken over.

 [ Source: Vitisphere. Photos: Vinadeis (Jacky Maria on the left, Bertrand Girard on the right ]


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