Millésime Languedoc attracts journalists from around the world

Sunday May 14 2017 by Vitisphere

This is the first year we have had to turn journalists away”, said a delighted Jérôme Villaret, secretary general of the Languedoc wine marketing board CIVL. The event, Millésime en Languedoc, has now become virtually a ritual for French, European and international journalists who flock to the presentation to find out more about the latest Languedoc vintage. “Unfortunately, the event cannot get any bigger. We cannot host any more than 90 journalists for a five-day stay in Languedoc”. Journalists who were not invited to stay in the distillery in Pézénas are those who did not write anything last year. This year, the focal points of the programme were an introduction to the planned Pézénas growth, the quality hierarchy in Minervois, Carignan in Corbières, the terroir of Sommières and the schist soils of Faugères.

A first for Roussillon

Another seminal feature of the 2017 event is a first-time appearance by Roussillon wines. Half a day, divided between a masterclass and a meal, has been dedicated to the area’s wines. “We believe there is a potential for collaboration with the Roussillon wine marketing board at events like this. This is also true of our promotional drives in export markets”, claims Villaret. For journalists, it provides the opportunity to improve understanding and awareness of the wine regions lining the Gulf of Lions. A total 1,200 wines are presented to journalists over the week-long event and 200 producers are on hand to discuss Languedoc wines with them.

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