Champagne industry up in arms over astronaut in vineyards ad

Tuesday May 02 2017 by Vitisphere

As Bordeaux mulls over ways of conversing with local residents over use of agro-chemicals, Champagne is doing its utmost to prevent an advert by the Inter-departmental tourism committee - designed by the government’s information service - from being publicised. The committee has chosen to promote a number of tourist sites, including the vineyards of Champagne, by featuring an astronaut in various locations across France - Pyla dune and Cap Fréhel are among them. In Champagne, the astronaut is seen amidst vines. The only problem is that the outfit is strongly reminiscent of the personal protective equipment worn by wine growers when spraying vines.

The advert attracted a whole series of acerbic and disparaging tweets such as “35 treatments a year will definitely make the planet unfit for human life... What a great message!” Champagne wine industry members, who had not been conferred with over the advert, were extremely disgruntled over the ‘bad buzz’ it sparked and immediately reacted, describing the initiative as “insensitive”. Some even called it a “blunder undermining the image of Champagne”.


Source: Vitisphere. Photo: SIG



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