Bordeaux sustainable development initiatives mapped out online

Wednesday April 26 2017 by Vitisphere

As vineyards across Bordeaux are coming out in bud and the start of the spraying season approaches, the Bordeaux wine marketing board CIVB has taken charge of good environmental practice. A new website – – dedicated to good industry practice aims to showcase the sustainable development* initiatives “introduced by wine growers, negociants, co-operative wineries and producers’ organisations”, explained the board in a press statement.

The online tool, which was announced on February 14 during the 9th Bordeaux wine environmental forum, aims to list as many individual and collective initiatives as possible. The map is a voluntary scheme rolled out by the region’s stakeholders to prove their desire for transparency and dialogue after a year marked by controversy, and increasingly vociferous protests from the local community. “By understanding the expectations of local residents, by explaining what we do and by forging a friendly bond through constructive dialogue and information sharing, we can pacify relations between the industry and the local community”, believes Allan Sichel, chairman of the CIVB.


*The concept is meant as a holistic approach to sustainable development, embracing “environmental benefits but also social cohesion, protecting employees, economic issues and energy use”, stresses the CIVB.

Source: Vitisphere. Photo: CIVB (Jean-Bernard Nadeau)


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