French independent wine merchants’ federation aims to double membership

Saturday April 22 2017 by Vitisphere

As wine merchants, we are one of the few convenience stores that has not disappeared! By offering advice and assistance, we have managed to secure growth”, claimed an upbeat Jean Guizard, chairman of the French independent wine merchants’ federation. However, although the number of independent wine merchants rises by 2 to 3% every year, federation membership is on the decline, falling from over 400 ten years ago to 250 now. After renewing board membership, for the past year the federation has been working on offering new services.

As a means of bringing young wine merchants into the fold, the federation is developing funding tools to help finance inventories and new store purchases. Bank loans to fund cash-flow and inventories, along with retail name purchases and guarantees to facilitate store sales are in the process of being finalised. The federation will also be offering a bespoke insurance policy geared to the needs of independent wine merchants, particularly the seasonal fluctuations in turnover. The schemes were presented at the beginning of April at the federation’s AGM in Champagne and should be up and running over the next few months. The wine merchants’ federation was established in 1994 and also provides a central wines and spirits buying service for independents (VIN CI).


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