Sulphite-free wine gets Far West label at Cazes

Monday April 03 2017 by Vitisphere

We officially registered the name John Wine in 2012 but didn’t use it for any special label. We just liked the name”, explains Emeline Picard of Maison Cazes. With its cow-boy connotation, its suggestions of stable smells or sweaty, testosterone-fuelled males, the name now features on labels of sulphite-free wines by Maison Cazes. John Wine supersedes the more traditional ‘Hommage’ label, a blend of Grenache and Mourvèdre with no sulphites, which ended with the 2015 vintage.

The 8,000-bottle batch of sulphite-free John Wine targets urban consumers with a touch of the hipster about them. The label deliberately lacks colour, it is minimalist and its fonts and imagery recall the cinema billboards of the original Westerns during their golden age.

The style may seem far removed from the world of Roussillon wines. “In some ways, this is France’s Far West with its dry, arid climate. The name also mirrors the ethos of Maison Cazes and its pioneering spirit which spurs us to try out new winemaking techniques, in this case lack of sulphites”, points out Emeline Picard. The back label recalls the wine’s provenance, alluding to ‘Wild Wild Roussillon’. And if that doesn’t make consumers want to give this biodynamic wine a go, well, shoot...

[ Source: Vitisphere. Photo: Cazes ]




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