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Eric Paul to chair PGI wine committee at INAO

Par Vitisphere Le 28 mars 2017
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Eric Paul to chair PGI wine committee at INAO

Our new committee will be, as it always has been, a place for sharing ideas about PGI wines and ciders”, stated Eric Paul right off the bat as he started his tenure as chairman of the PGI wine committee at INAO. He has announced that his tenure will have two main objectives: to protect quality signs and recognise new PGIs. The latter issue is undoubtedly a core challenge for the future of the PGI sector as the last few years have revealed how difficult it is for the PGI concept to make headway. A case in point is PGI sparkling wine, an issue which Eric Paul says he will be supporting. “36 sets of production rules were originally submitted and only three have been approved. We will be putting them forward again”. Interestingly, Paul chairs PGI Var wines, one of the designations that has secured permission to make sparkling wines.

Two other PGI applications have been submitted to INAO for approval. The first is PGI Ile de France. “We will be examining the application and finding a way of approving the PGI. For that, we must reassure all the stakeholders involved”. That includes Champagne which disapproves of the creation of the new designation. The second application is for PGI Terre du Midi, whose approval has been pending since spring 2016. Eric Paul says he wants to restart talks and will be seeking reassurance over the designation’s “ability to deliver value”.


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