Bottles of Bordeaux selling for 96 cents in French supermarkets

Friday March 24 2017 by Vitisphere

The French trade magazine Rayon Boissons has reported that national supermarket chain Carrefour was selling Bordeaux on special offer for 96 cents a bottle on March 4. The price slash is unprecedented. The wines were listed at a retail price of 4.8 euros a bottle but 150,000 bottles of ‘Comte de Talem’, a negociant brand belonging to Bertrand Ravache, were sold with an 80% loyalty card discount. Retailing at below the symbolic price point of 1 euro a bottle is not really what the Bordeaux wine industry is aiming for. “These promotions are not good for product value. They create confusion”, said a disgruntled Bernard Farges, chairman of the Bordeaux wine growers’ organisation. “The price slashing is certainly good publicity for the supermarket but not for the product itself... Even if no consumer in his right mind could imagine that that’s its real price”.
Allan Sichel, chairman of the Bordeaux wine marketing board CIVB echoes his comments: “An 80% discount is just not credible”. Stressing that the original retail price is ‘reasonable’, Sichel is more concerned about the system that enables the retailer to apply such huge price cuts. “The reward point scheme raises questions. It does not necessarily imply low prices by producers, but on profit margins applied to other products”.  

[ Source: Vitisphere. Photo: Carrefour catalogue ]


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